Earn commission with extra service

Let your customers buy credit through your myPOS ATM

What is Top-up?

With Top-up you can let customers buy credit via your myPOS ATM. The prepaid code is shown directly on the (digital) pin receipt. Customers can buy prepaid credit not only from Dutch providers, but from no fewer than 779 providers from 141 different countries. This makes this. This service is ideal for companies in the tourism sector or with customers of many different nationalities.

How it works?

Enter the customer’s mobile number to recharge

Let the customer pay

by pin or cash

Choose the Service Provider for the Top-up

Enter the phone number

for which the customer wants to buy credit

Enter the amount you would like to recharge

Select the right provider

and confirm the top up

Review all entered details and confirm

The customer receives a (digital) receipt

and you receive commission in your myPOS account*

Simple and easy!

You can easily sell customers credit through the myPOS ATM, you don't need any additional hardware or software. The only thing you have to pay attention to is whether the customer wants to pay in cash or by debit card. If the customer pays cash, you need to make sure that you have enough balance on your myPOS account because the credit will be deducted from it. The commission from the telecom provider you receive after the sale via a separate transfer. If the customer wants to withdraw money, you have two receipts, A receipt for the debit card transaction and a separate receipt for the top-up.

With myPOS Top-up you give customers more service and allow them to top up call credits from no fewer than 779 telecom providers from 141 countries. In addition, you earn something yourself in the form of commission*, This is credited directly to your myPOS account after the transaction.

myPOS top-up featrure has connections to 779 mobile operators
mobile POS card payment device for top-up services

myPOS Top-up is a great extra service for your customers

Allow customers to buy credit from national or international telecom providers easily and quickly. Earn commission by providing extra service to your customers!

Available at your myPOS ATM or in the myPOS app.

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